100 Days of Happy



I have decided to do the challenge 100 days of happiness, through http://www.100happydays.com

Anyone can join, you hook it up with any of your social media. Then share daily, what makes you happy!

Essentially, the idea is to take notice of the smaller things in life and appreciate what you have.

Life seems to pass by so quickly and most of us are just taking every day for granted when we should be taking everyday as a blessing. We hear this nearly everyday but yet we don’t do anything to change this.

On the ‘100 days of Happy’ website they state that 71% of people start this challenge but wont complete the whole 100 days due to ‘lack of time’. Like they say, “Do you not have time to be happy?’

If this is the case, something must be changed. Something in your life isn’t working for you. People constantly tell me about the things In life I ‘HAVE’ to be doing, when really, there is nothing anyone HAS to do. You make your life yours and you do what is right for your life. If that means quitting your office job to join the circus, then you damn well should join the circus!

I am taking this challenge because I would love to document the things that make me happy on a daily basic and be able to reflect back.  By the end of my 100 days, I will hopefully be able to take notice of the small things in life and appreciate life that little bit more.

Come join me on my journey!



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