Repost – Unwritten Clothing Blog – Things you wish your Mumma taught you

I want to start off by saying I take no credit for this post what so ever! I loved this post so much from Unwritten Clothing Blog (An Australian online boutique) that I wanted to repost and share. Enjoy!


Bought a new pair of shoes & don’t have time to wear them in? Grab a pair of thick socks & your hair dryer and you will be ready to go in 10 minutes! Put your thick socks on, your new shoes over the socks and blowdry tight areas. Keep your socks on while your shoes cool and you are ready to go!
If they are still a little tight after you take the socks out repeat again to give them a little more stretch.

Love cute rings but hate the green mark they can leave on your fingers? Paint the inside of your rings with a layer of clear nail polish!

Hang your handbags on shower curtain rings to de-clutter and keep them off the floor and spaced out!

Wear your hair in a loose ponytail rather than a tightly pulled back ponytail to prevent straining your hair and bald patches. You should also try not to wear your ponytail in the same spot every day.

Red red wiiiiine…we love a nice glass of red with some cheese and biscuits, but have you noticed it always seem to be when you’re drinking the RED wine that it spills and never the white (and always seems to be on your favourite white dress)!? Keep some white close by! Pour white wine over the red spill and let it air dry. The white wine neutralises the red stain and is easier to wash out!


Use a magnet board to keep all of your makeup neat & tidy

Makeup wipes aren’t just for your face! Get rid of that annoying foundation mark on the white top you just put on, or that deodorant mark on your black tee!

Thinking of cleaning our your wardrobe? At the start of the Season, hang all of your hangers facing one way. Each time you wear an item, turn its hanger around to be facing the other way. By the end of the season, you will see all of the items your haven’t worn and can sell them at the local markets to make some money to buy some new items from Unwritten! (hehe)

Put frozen grapes in your wine to keep it cool & prevent it being watered down


Put a magnetic strip in your bathroom drawer or cabinet to keep all of your bobby pins & tweezers together!

(Helloooo dream shoe-drobe!!) Want to keep your boots tidy? Hang them with ‘skirt hangers’ if you have the hanging space, or keep them upright on the floor with old magazines rolled up inside!

Keep warm this Winter! Make your own heat packs by filling small pillow cases or socks with rice and tying the end with ribbon. Add some tea leaves for a yummy scent! (LRB – More on this later 😉


So many shoe styles this Season are best worn without socks (yes, Converse and cut out boots we are looking at you!) no socks may look better, but it can also equal some bad smelling pairs of shoes! Put baking soda in your shoes to rid the smell and also kill bacteria

Run your mascara wand under hot water to prevent clumps. You can also add a few drops of saline (the liquid contact lenses are kept in) into the mascara tube if it is getting a little dry to prolong it’s life for a few more weeks

Got bubblegum stuck in your hair? Rub it with ice to get it out! (we have also heard peanut butter works…but we think ice sounds a little cleaner!)

Soak your nails in hot water and baking soda to brighten up your tips. For stubborn stains you can also try putting some whitening toothpaste on your toothbrush and scrubbing with your toothbrush

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