Those Summer Days


Now that it is finally starting to heat up I thought I would put a list together of a few of those simple things to do through the summer time that some people may have forgotten about. But most of all, won’t break the bank.

– Find a hidden beach or visit one you have never been to before. Never know, it might become your regular one.

– Go exploring! Is there a town nearby you have never ventured into? Well do it, trust me it’s worth it.

– While you’re there, find a cute café to sit down in, having a nice drink or ice cream and watch the world go by for a while.

– Learn to Surf. Why the Heck not! It’s definitely on my list of things to do this summer.

– While you’re at it, try Stand up paddles boarding as well.

– Get creative! Have homemade cocktails with your girlfriends.

– Festivals. I know there not everyone’s cup of tea but there are plenty of variety for that more chilled out vibe.

– Gather some friends and go for a road trip. Whether you wing it or have a destination in mind, they are ALWAYS fun. Even if it’s just for the day.

– Have fish a Chips on the beach, while watching the sunset. My partner and I do this often. LOVE the beach *cough* and fish and chips.

– Get the gang together and finish your day off with a bunch of friends for a BBQ dinner date.

Well I hope you guys have a few more ideas for your summer days and remember to use sunscreen and keep those fluids up.


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3 Responses to Those Summer Days

  1. Love your list! There are a few things that you mentioned that I would love to do this summer. I live in the city and the only way I can get to places is through trains or buses so perhaps i might visit a neighborhood I never been to and find a new favorite place to eat! I would love to also go to more festivals and a lot in NYC tend to be free so i will keep my eye open for those. Your post has made me want summer even more to arrive and I usually am not fond of the season.

  2. saararozic says:

    Lovely list! I may steal one or two of them if you don’t mind 😉

  3. ladyredblog says:

    Thanks for the feedback girls! Go for it, Steal your life away 🙂

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